Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava

17.listopadu 2172/15, 7th floor, building A
708 00 Ostrava - Poruba

phone: +420 59 732 1280

Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation has a tradition of over 50 years. It is specialized in the areas of system design, and programming of
computer integrated production systems CIM, MIS, CAD-CAM-CAQ concerning engineering, industry and non-production areas.

The department is active in research collaboration with industry, concerning assisted learning processes, and it co-operates with a number of industrial companies in providing concrete technical work connected with the designing and implementation of measuring, diagnostics and controlling systems for technological processes.

The department staff is involved in solving a number of research and design problems related to the control of technological, production and economic processes. Number of domestic grants and funds received every year prove the department quality.

Degree Programmes

Bachelor’s Degree

Applied Informatics and Control

The students will acquire knowledge about applied informatics into practical deployment of computer systems and networks in several areas of computer aided engineering and economic tasks. They will learn how to use programming tools for applications with text and graphical objects, how to design and use database systems and other programming tools. They will also acquire experience in the area of control with design and operation of automated control systems including principles for management of small and medium size companies.
The graduates can find their jobs in technical, operational, business and management positions of small and medium enterprises.

Master’s Degree

Automatic Control and Engineering Informatics

Students will acquire deeper knowledge from the control theory and devices for control, identification methods, simulation and optimisation of systems and will closely work with computers.
The graduates can analyse, simulate and design complex production, technological and information processes and equipment and design their control systems while using modern tolls and devices of automation and computer methods and information technology

PhD Degree

Control of Machines and Processes

The graduates of the doctoral study can formulate, plan, synthetize and verify progressive designs of control, measurement and diagnostic systems on the basis of consistent application of scientific and methodical approaches and ethic principles with aim of software algorithms and tools of applied informatics and web information technologies. They be able to select, compare and implement present-day appliances of measurement, diagnostic and control systems, to connect them in complex process structure and simultaneously to compare their behaviour with verified simulation models.



  • Optimal control of complex technological systems
  • Algorithm synthesis of nonlinear dynamic systems, design and controller adjustment
  • Identification and simulation of dynamic systems and simulation program development and application (SIPRO, Matlab-Simulink)
  • Intelligent measurement and control systems with smart sensors, industrial LAN, WLAN, IPC and PLC.
  • Digital signal processing, special diagnostic measurements of vibration and noise
  • Control and monitoring of manufacturing systems with SCADA/MMI program support
  • Program support of real time control systems
  • Modelling of mechanical systems and experimental verification (hydraulic drives, pneumatic drives and their control)
  • Development and application of database information systems and INTERNET/INTRANET web applications


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